Envisioning the Unseeable

Creating Images With Sound

Alba Arnesen

Immerse yourself in the absurd tapestry of «Envisioning the Unseeable». An exploration tailored for both the sighted and the visually impaired based on the experience of loneliness that often follow loosing your sight later in life. Conceived as an auditory odyssey, this venture embrace the elusive realm of chimeric creation. Addressing the social nuances faced by those who lose their sight later in life, this project introduces an extract of an idea for a puzzle-filled VR game, where players, guided by ethereal companions Jin and Kai, traverse fantastical landscapes brought to life through intricate soundscapes.

In the chimeric world I’ve crafted, players communicate not just through dialogue but also through the landscape of sound that surrounds them. Beyond the mere auditory, the essence of touch, feel, and vibrations is intricately woven into the gameplay, creating an otherworldly, sensorial experience. This departure from the conventional gaming landscape exemplifies the true spirit of chimeric design—meddling elements that, at first glance, seem incompatible. The game, set in a fantasy world, not only challenges the traditional boundaries of visual design but redefines how we perceive and interact with immersive environments.

The chosen chimeric elements echo the spirit of the design philosophy. A visual game designed expressly for those with visual impairments creates a harmonious blend of the expected and the unexpected. In this extract exemplified in the mp3 below, the players have just parted, and we follow one of the players along with their helper, Jin into an enchanted forest. The wopshing sound you hear, represents the player shifting their head, and the single note sound represents the player clicking the button to summon Jin for help.

This snippet, as the player enter the enchanting forest realm, provides a mere glimpse into the intricate interplay of sound and imagination, underscoring the true essence of my chimeric sound project.